Blake Edwards, aka “DJ Terpy” is a Georgia native familiar with the amount of work it takes to fill out shows.

Terpy got his start by throwing his own shows on the outskirts of Metro Atlanta and throughout rural Georgia.

He hosts and performs at flow events across rural GA constantly expanding our incredible music and flow arts scene even farther than some imagined was possible.

His most recent performance was for the International Gloving League; Atlanta BOSS. He also recently performed at a fan-vote-in called “Build a Rave” in which he finished in the top ten twice, among Atlanta’s best local talent. He has a large presence in the flow art community and electronic scene. He is riding the next wave of independent and successful DJs.


NYE Flow Jam
Meteor Shower Flow Jam
East Cobb Flow Jam
Oak Lawn Farms
Midsummer Glow
Summer Lights
Build a Rave
Summer Heat
Soundwave Wednesdays
Chop Shop
Sunday Swerve
NOIR Lounge

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DJ Terpy would like to expand on his movement and is now reaching to other areas for potential opportunities.

If you are interested in checking out some of his work, reach out through the social media links below.

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